Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Dorthea Lange Essay

Dorothea Lange (May 26, 1895-October 11, 1965) was an influential documentary photographer. Lange is best known for her Depression-era work for the Farm Security Administration Lange's photographs humanized the tragic consequences of the Great Depression and profoundly influenced the development of documentary photography.Born in Hoboken New Jersey, Lange began her career in New York, later migrating to San Francisco where she opened a portrait studio in 1918. With the onset of the Great Depression, Lange turned her camera lens from the studio to the street.Her searing studies of homelessness immediately captured the attention of local photographers and led to her employment with the federal Resettlement Administration later called the From 1935 to 1940, Lange's work for the RA and FSA brought the plight of the poor and forgotten, particularly displaced farm families and migrant workers, to public attention. Distributed free of charge to newspapers across the country, her poignant images quickly became icons of the era.In 1941, Lange was awarded a Guggenheim Fellowship for excellence in photography. After the attack on Pearl Harbor, she gave up the prestigious award to record the forced evacuation of Japanese-Americans (Nisei) to relocation camps in the American West.On October 11, 1965, Lange died in San Francisco at the age of seventy.

My independent service learning Reflection

My experience for this year independent service learning hours, I would have to say it was great because I got the chance to get involved more in my community by participating in  my neighborhood saturday clean'up's and doing day care and baby sitting and helping clean around my church and those things I just mention meant so much for me because I never knew how it was to actually have fun while doing something for school just to help other's and I must say it was great very much a great experience for me to reflect on. Now that I've grown to see I wouldn't have wanted to do anything better for my hours because I learned a lot from it and it made me feel great knowing that I volunteered myself as a student from Constitution High school. Some of the activities I enjoyed most was Daycare, baby sitting, and Community clean up because the weather during the days I picked was very sunny not to hot not to cold just relaxing not to mention on the saturdays I did for the clean up made my legs hurt a little cause I was lifting heavy bags sweeping bending over picking trash up but the end of the day it payed off cause I think I lost 2 pounds. But my favorite activity was day care because I love the kids their just so funny and sweep and I liked the fact that I had to cook, watch over them, and create games and fun things for them to do and after that clean up this years service learning was just the best thing I've did all year and maybe hope to do it next year because it made me fill like a big kid again and that should be what giving back to the young generation should be like.

Monday, June 2, 2008

This is my service learning: On my thoughts like a Video tape but I didn't want to do a video so I posted this on here

Nutrition: Well so far my service learning experience for this year has been a complete disater in the beginning because the group members weren't really participating in anything. But now some of the things that are successful was going out for lunch to eat, and timing ourseleves to see if we makeit back on time was awsome and for 5/14/08 which was the day I made my petition on inproving school luches which was an idea from Ms. Lynn that I really took in consideration and it help me out a lot because I know everyone in the school is goingto want to sign it because we all want hot well prepared food to eat. Some of the challenges I faced in my group none so far after 6 meetings and I hopeI don't have to encounter any arguments because i'm just so sinceer about this service learning project that I can't focus on anything else but the improvement of the school lunch. Things I've learned so far was how to do food services, how to go travel to eat at restaurants during school, and how to make a petition. And different food restaurants food prices. Things that need to be worked on in our group is more research a data chart of some graph survey that we handed out 2 months ago which should change school lunching for next year.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

5/28/08 service learning Reflection

On 5/28/08 for service learning me my staff Ms. Martin and group members had a full 90 minutes to go to a grocerie store and do some price ranches on the food as if we made a family of 4 and list where they worked and what would be their weekly salary and how much for would they need for all 4 people in total to a month so we ending up going to the red in terminal and I started doing my price ranges from there and the most sucessful thing about that day was everyone was seperated doing their own thing and everything was perfect and we got to leave on time so I wouldn't change nothing about that day that was one of the best days of our service group so I was happy because we actually got to do some hands on things outside of our school instead of being cooped up inside the main office.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

5/15/08 Service learning Reflection

5/15/08 service learning meeting was okay me and my partner derelle had to speak up in the place of Ms. Martin our staff member because she was absent so we basically went over grades things we needed to improve on and more plans for next year and the ending of this year maybe we could plan to go out to eat. But some things that really need is the group members grades because I did this evaluation grading sheet on what I thought people should get as a finale grade and it wasn't really good some half of the group members had 1's in participation and behavior and they don't realize that this counts for a grade and it really can hurt all their regular grades so I hope they can pull it together and conclude some powerful information to the group because they think all they can do is sit at the meeting's talk and laugh then put up a big argument for grades thats why I won't be in this group next year because I feel we as a group having had the best times working together and this is not what I had in mind!!!! For the last meeting we all paln to go out to eat and just relax..

Monday, May 12, 2008


Its 2 kinds of women in this world one is the smart, Independent, hardworking then it's the other one which is the lay on her back kinda women where as she has to use what she got to get what she wants.

Kinda something like one special female character in the book " Mice and Men" which was Curly's wife she was that type of girl who really uses what she got to get what she wants, she wanted to be she wanted to be a inspiring actress where she messed up is she let the movie produces promise her this and that glitters and gold just to get her in bed with them after that she never herd another word from those producers ever again which she started over again using what she got to get what she want where as she had to marry curly to have a better life but she came to realize she gained the other half of the stick with curly because he was self centered and arrogant and bossy and his wife was the type of girl who liked to be spoiled with attention and love or else she would go looking in other directions for them why's she tried to run through the farm house looking for someone to listen to her life story and what she wanted to do with her self a butch of if's and and's but's ect. Some of the corrective powers of womens would be there body parts I mean if we want a man or want the luxurious life styles all we have to do is put on a little perfume a nice tite fitting dress some open sandals maybe polish our nails and toes and get our hair done and go after who we want and we'll get him where we want them but all the time you do that is not always good because when you think your setting some body up you will get hurt like how she got stuck with a possesive man who thought he owned her and she wanted to know more men and ended up getting killed.

Theme Essay

Bamm there goes Lennie flying out the chair in the barn house from curly's left hook!!!
Wow I can't believe how the men characters in the book "Mice and Men" act like predators towards each other living on one farm must get really agravating knowing that you only get $50.00 dollars one pay. Then the boss son is an ediot and doen't know how to control his crazy temper but hey maybe that's what lennie was thinking to knowing that he didn't talk that much usually he thought most of the time one or the other. But who could of ever thought you could get into a fight all because you don't like tp talk. It started when lennie and george were in the farm house and a man walked in by the name of Curly's and said did you see my dad then george said he just left then curly said oh you the 2 guys who was supposed to be here 2days ago and george said "yeah that's us" and Curly said what's your name my name is george and then curly said i'm not talking to you i'm talking to the big guy can't he talk for him self then george said yeah then lennie said yeah we just came in the curly said okay well next time you speak when your spoken to! So there for curly attacked lennie like he was a lion on a zebra. Instead of him welcoming Lennie and George put them down so by that notice there was no love in curly's heart for anyone especially no big guys which he hated he always liked a challenge if you know what I mean. But through the book that's all it has been men vs. men and men vs society and every single character in this book has faced these problems.